Why We’re Here

‘I believe everyone should be able to create their own life and achieve their own goals’ – Rose Farfalla, Director. 

At HappinessFirst, we help make that happen for those who need a little support along the way.

We’re here to provide personalised services and programs for people living with disabilities, their carers and family with over 30 staff members across Victoria. 

We believe the key to providing outstanding service and care is by personally selecting and matching Support Workers with the participants.

Meet HappinessFirst

Founded in 2008 by Rose Farfalla, HappinessFirst started with traditional face-to-face counselling and consulting services to leading Australian businesses. 

Fast forward 10 years and HappinessFirst is now a leader in providing support and care options for people living with disabilities, their carers and family.

A little about Rose:

Rose Farfalla has one major goal – to “make getting quality and personalised support accessible and affordable for everyone”.  She herself has been through much adversity during her life; domestic violence, abusive marriage, separation, divorce, financial issues, multiple miscarriages, living in a blended family and, most recently, cancer.  Her resilience has enabled her to power on and live her ‘Best Life’, with her beautiful family on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

Her commitment to enable you to live the best version of your life is Rose’s life mission.

We are National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Approved.

HappinessFirst Café

After spending lots of resources trying to find jobs for our participants, Rose Farfalla our director decided “stuff it” why not create a supported environment for them? A workplace where everyone can learn, feel supported and GET FAIR PAY. 

And so, on Christmas Eve 2021 The first HappinessFirst – Coffee, Pantry & Gift Shop was born in Rosebud, Victoria.

Here we employ people with all abilities, in a safe and supported environment.

HappinessFirst Employee Inclusion Team

I couldn’t be more excited about our newest division –  the HappinessFirst Employee Inclusion Team. 

This is how I get to give back to the community, by creating jobs and a sustainable workforce for people living with disabilities and without.

YES, HappinessFirst is employing participants in “real” jobs.

Jobs range from but not limited to cafe work, gardening, office administration, cooking meals for other participants and food supervisor roles.

Interested in something particular? Don’t hold back! Have a chat with us and we will try our best to create a job for you.

Employees get to enjoy casual work agreements and award rates. We also provide on-the-job training and certified courses, if required.

Rose Farfalla
BCompSc(Hons), GradCertEdu, PostGradDipCounselling