Overnight & Short Term Stay Accommodation

Respite for ALL – caring for a loved one can be challenging.

During the respite experience, participants are encouraged to pick from a range of indoor and outdoor activities, all encouraging independent living skills; cooking, craft, board games, tennis, pool fun, walks, beach visits, fishing – tell us what you enjoy and we will try our best to make it happen.

Either support Away From Home or In-Home Care enables the carers to have a much needed break and for the participant to experience 1:1 time with their support worker.

Away from Home Respite

HappinessFirst has a range of approved accommodations that can be used overnight or for a short-stay. We take the participant to the accommodation for the agreed time. They will enjoy outstanding accommodation, from a range of places to pick from, including spots on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula and sites even around Australia.

During this time, the usual carers get to rest, collaborate and rejuvenate.

At Home Respite

HappinessFirst support staff can attend your home and care for the participant while the carers leave the home. This in-home care is available overnight or for a short period.

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