Marriage/Relationship Counselling @ HappinessFirst

Could help you both to: 

  • resolve constant conflict and fighting
  • stop feeling ‘stuck’
  • set new goals and a path to move forward
  • remove road blocks and find mediation, agreement and resolution
  • stop feeling unhappy, frustrated and unsatisfied by finding fulfilment and happiness
  • make your way past all of the noise to get to the core of issues and feel heard
  • work through possible resentments you may feel towards your partner
  • ignite the spark you had at the beginning of your relationship

What’s the HappinessFirst Difference?

HappinessFirst provides a safe and non-judgmental environment where you and your partner have the opportunity to address problems you may be facing. Stay together? The intent of relationship counselling is to get you both to a point where you feel you can decide on your future from a less clouded and cluttered perspective.  Relationship counselling is not a guarantee that the two of you will be staying together forever. However, it will help you understand what has been happening in your relationship and provide an opportunity to reassess your relationship and your role in the relationship.

Relationship counselling sessions are 60 minutes long, giving each of you enough time to be heard.  Counselling sessions can be accessed face-to-face, by phone, Skype or Facetime.

You could book a session today to start the healing journey.  You might choose to attend the first session individually and then together at a later date.  Chat or email our office to get a better feel of which option is better for you.

How much does Counselling cost?

HappinessFirst  tries to keep fees at a minimun.  We offer fee-for-service, medicare, private health fund, community funded and NDIS covered counselling.

Conact us to work out what your counselling fees will be.

Want more information or to make an appointment?

If you would like more information call us on 1300 885 493 or email [email protected] to discuss your situation and how we can help you. You can also request a call back by using the Request an Appointment form

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