HappinessFirst Learning – Makeup Empowerment Workshops aren’t just about helping young women feel beautiful – it’s about empowering women by helping them embrace their inner and outer beauty. Helping them build resilience and self-esteem. The beautiful thing about makeup is that, while we certainly don’t need it to be beautiful, it’s a form of self-expression; a way for you to tell the world who you are.

Who is the class designed for ?

This course is designed for those with interested in make-up and building self-confidence, age 12 years old +. Please keep in mind, our courses are all tailor made, based on the age and ability of booked groups. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop you will have learned:

  • which tones & colours match your skin best
  • how to apply make-up correctly
  • about self-respect
  • how to love yourself and your special features
  • to have pride in uniqueness


This workshop is 3 – 4 hours long, including breaks.


Classes can be held on school/office site or at an agreed location convenient for the participants.

Materials & Tools

All materials and tools are provided. However, participants are also welcome to bring their own tools.

Class Size 

Depending on the participants age and abilities. Can be offered 1:1.


  • if you have long hair, please tie it back
  • please bring lunch/dinner and snacks


$130 inc GST

This course is NDIS approved, so NDIS funding can be used. 

Want more information or to book this course?

Simply call us on 1300 885 493 or email support@happinessfirst.com.au.

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