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What is HFSocialConnect?

HFSocialConnect is an Australian geosocial networking, online social and dating application for people who are living with a disability. Managed by HappinessFirst Pty. Ltd. A NDIS Registered Disability Service Provider.
Profiles include a photo, a short bio, and a list of their personal interests.
Features include messaging, chat forums, video calls and so much more to let you mingle, in a safer environment because we screen all users first!
You can log-in from a browser on a computer/iPad or mobile with our app.

How to join HFSocialConnect?

Register your interest and tell us a little about yourself.
Online catch up with our Participant Care Co-Ordinator. We take the time to ensure our online community is full of single like-minded people who value our environment.
Start mingling and meeting new people on HFSocialConnect.

Why HFSocialConnect?

The HFSocialConnect site and app is a dream born out of the desire to promote and support people living with a disability around Australia to find friendships and partners in a safe, welcoming, non judging, and accessible environment.


How much does membership on HFSocialConnect cost?

It’s $0 – always FREE for all participants.

What are the prerequisites for joining HFSocialConnect?

We are committed in making our social and relationship domain as safe as we can, so there are some primary requirements to join – we can let you know at sign up.

Do you offer any coaching or relationship support?

YES.  We offer counselling in all areas of social and relationship growth. It is covered under NDIS, item line – 15_043_0128_1_3 – Counselling.

I need to learn more social skills - can you help me?

YES.  Improve your social skills, learn strategies to keep your emotions/feeling in check, learn how to behave in certain environments and so much more specific to exactly what you need. This is also cover under NDIS under many item codes including: Access Community, Social And Rec Activities, Life Transition Planning Including Mentoring, Peer Support And Individual Skill Development and Individual Social Skills Development.

Is your support offered online?

YES – Our support is available face to face or online by our HappinessFirst qualified staff. Cost can be covered by NDIS.

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