These are our phone & online counselling solutions choose what is most effective & affordable for you.

Phone/Online solutions include:

Your counsellor avaliable 6 days, Monday to Saturday 8am – 9pm

Secure & private ongoing online session.


$ 25.00

  • Check-in Counselling
  • Schedued daily messaging session
  • Use text or recorded audio
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$ 55.00

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Message as many times needed
  • Use text, audio or video
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$ 98.00

  • 2 x 30Min. Live video sessions
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Use text, audio or video
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Tailored Unlimited Counselling

Helpful counselling from any device anywhere

You no longer need to wait in order to have a meaningful discussion with your qualified counsellor.  With HappinessFirst you can message your counsellor whenever you need.

Use your laptop or PC
It’s safe and confidential
Money Back Guarantee & cancel anytime
Professional, no judgmental, no stigma
No scheduling or traveling to your appointments
Child friendly - no need for childcare
Counsellors that actually "get it"
Use your iPad or smartphone
Get your own personal account
Affordable counselling for every budget
No need to bottle up your feelings anymore – daily contact
Find your happiness again, at your own pace & in your own time
You're not alone anymore - even at 8pm
Counselling literally at your fingertips

Why HappinessFirst?

Great for parents

Your qualified counsellor is at your fingertips – no need to book an appointment or find childcare.

No more holding on

You can reach out for help & support at the moment you need it. No need to wait
for your next appointment.

More than traditional counselling

Your qualified counsellor is assigned to you daily or when you need them most.

We background check all our counsellors

Working with children licence, min. 5 years’ industry experence, ongoing training.

Delivering the best value

It’s our mission to make counselling affordable for everybody.  We are the most cost effective fee paying counselling support service in Australiasia.

Seek help in comfort

Greater comfort for people who feel anxious in social situations. You could be at home, work or even in your car!

Review, rethink & revisit

You have a written transcript so you can review, rethink & revisit the counselling discussion anytime.

We specialise in a range of areas

Check out our GREAT SERVICE section for full details

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