We have a community of people, in particular women, who wish to seek regular counselling and coaching in order to help them work through possible emotional and mental health barriers they may be facing.  However, they simply cannot afford it.

We have created the HappinessFirst Community Funded Counselling Program where individuals, families, businesses and companies can support their communities by Paying It Forward – by donating/sponsoring our programs so that these women and families can receive the counselling they urgently need.

What is the HappinessFirst Community Funded Counselling Program

Eligible members of our community can apply to receive a 10 week Counselling Care Plan.  This will provide them with professional counselling, giving them on-demand support when they need it most and teach them the skills to bounce back and find their feet again.

Donate/sponsor as much as you like and as frequently as you wish!!

At HappinessFirst our goal is to make counselling affordable for all.

We want to:
* provide counselling to community members who need it most
* teach our community how to become more empowered and resilient show our community members how to bounce back from hardship & create a life they truly enjoy

HappinessFirst will match all donations made.

All donations will receive a Tax Invoice.

Current Sponsors

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